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Mas del Botó (Alforja, Tarragona)

The winery is located at the source of the river Cortiella, which gives its name to the valley and the parish of Santa Maria de Cortiella. Of the the property’s total of 40 hectares, only five are dedicated to the vines that were planted by the Llauradó brothers 25 years ago. The vineyards are located between 600 and 700 metres above sea level on different terraces, shored up by dry stone walls. The farm has two types of terrain, slate, which is very important for grapesa and most common to the Priorat, and gravel or granite terrain that provides for very particular wines.

The brothers integrated the existing old farmhouse when creating the new facilities, which were completed in 2007, keeping the “copes” where the most was traditionally fermented in olden times and took advantage of the slope of the land in the process of winemaking.

The main wine they produce goes by the name of GANAGOT and is aged for a year in oak barrels. Their other wine, MAS DEL BOTÓ, is a younger, only slightly matured wine. Both wines are made from three grape varieties, two varieties traditional to the area, Grenache and Carignan, and a variety of French origin, Cabernet Sauvignon.

The exceptional characteristics of the terrain and environmental conditions of the Cortiella Valley influence the quality of the wines that are made in the Mas del Botó cellar. In addition to selling the wine on the estate, the winery offers tours, wine tasting and local products.

Guided tours, for groups and individuals.

Tel. 977 23 63 96 /

For lunch

Cal Pepe (Alforja)

Located at Alforja, about 23 km from the Mas del Botó winery, you will find the Cal Pepe restaurant, with its homemade food, slow preparation, traditional hot-pots, offering all good healthy food as the owners like to boast, together with, of course, friendly service from all the staff.

Cal Pepe is open from breakfast to dinnertime, and with a menu ranging from tapas to set courses.

They offer a range of dishes that are great value for money for those looking for eat well, enjoy good food and service at a reasonable price.

If you have a chance to go there, we recommend that you try their own cottage cheese flan.

Tel: 977 81 62 44

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