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Challenges for the new year

In our main feature, Visions of the coming year, different specialists analyse some of the challenges for the new year in Catalonia and across the globe, in the fields of business, education, tourism, transport and Europe. Yet, as with last year, 2018 looks as if it will be unconventional and unpredictable. What we can expect are more changes of great relevance in political, economic and social matters. While Spain undergoes a precarious recovery from the recession, the public debt remains huge, incomes are low, and unemployment is still high, not to mention the delicate situation of pensions. All eyes will be on the real test for stability to be provided by the passing of a new budget and the ongoing situation in Catalonia.

We also start the year with treats for our readers. As well as a fresh new design, we focus on New Year’s resolutions, and present a new section: Five spots to discover in various places in Catalonia. Let us know your favourites. Enjoy the issue and have a great year!

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