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marcela topor

May, a key month for political panorama

This issue's main feature is dedicated to fashion and the new summer trends, which feature an explosion of colour, stripes and denim, inspired by the '70s. We're also proud to celebrate six months of English Hour on El Punt Avui TV (pages 13-15). However, May is also a month marked by a busy political calendar, especially with local elections across Spain. They will be decisive, mainly due to three factors, staring with a new electoral cycle lasting until next winter (between November and January), when Spanish general elections will take place that could bring historic changes to Spain's political landscape. The second factor is that the local elections will give an indication to what role new political forces on the scene, such as Podem and Ciutadans, will play in forming majorities in many town and regional councils around Spain. The third issue is how the local elections will affect Catalonia's sovereignty process, which will reach a definitive climax with the September 27 elections (see pages 32-33).

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