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Catalonia's contribution to the world

Catalonia is a venerable nation but one without a modern state to support it and present it to the world. Many of its contributions to history have gone unnoticed, even by it own people. Sometimes, these innovations have been purposefully neglected out of fears of self-serving pride in a nation that is now claiming its right to independence. Beyond such debates as whether Columbus was Catalan or not, what is true is that many Catalans have made extraordinary universal contributions. This month, you will find an overview of a book published by the Fundació Occitano Catalana, which includes 223 universal contributions from Catalonia that will surprise more than one reader. Culturally, Dalí, Picasso and Miró, Pau Casals or Gaudí are all names of international renown, not to mention more recent examples, such as the cuisine of Ferran Adrià. Yet, there are many less well-known contributions that are just as significant, in the fields of medicine, science and history, from the doctors Trueta or Barraquer to the submarine, from the first European parliament to the astrolabe. In regular countries, such accomplishments would be well-known sources of national self-esteem. In Catalonia, however, they have often been ignored. This is why this publishing initiative is as necessary as it is interesting, and deserves to be applauded. Find out for yourself, and enjoy your read.

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