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A busy end of year on the political scene

The electoral calendar will continue to mark agendas in the coming weeks and up until year's end. After the Catalan elections on September 27, it will be the turn of the Spanish elections, on December 20. Meanwhile, things are still busy on Catalonia's political scene. Now that a new Catalan parliament has been established, the next step is choosing a president, a subject of tough talks between Junts pel Sí and CUP. For now, any scenario is possible, including new Catalan elections, which would take place in March if no agreement is reached before January 9. All this is detailed in our round-up of the political landscape for the rest of the year.

It is also the first anniversary of the English Hour programme on El Punt Avui TV, which includes a number of shows in English presented by members of the Catalonia Today team. For a year now, English Hour has offered viewers a fresh look at Catalan society from all points of view: social, political, cultural, economic, and even sport. And, what's more, all in authentic English. The programme has now become established in Catalan TV schedules and has a growing audience for the interviews, debates and stories on offer, including a recently-added news programme. Many thanks for watching, and remember, any feedback is always welcome!

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