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InequalityThe rise of inequality is something that just about everyone accepts as fact. Yet, it also depends on whether the comparison is between countries – in which case the differences are reduced...

The end of cash

Cash makes up 10% of the money that exists in Spain (the rest is deposited in banks). At the same time, 50% of the payments we make (both in volume of euros and in the number of times we pay) are in cash....

Crisis on the horizon?

The effects of climate change, the hangover from the 2008 economic crisis and major demographic changes are all likely to generate great uncertainty over how things might develop in the next few years

2020s: the disruptive decade

A democratic crisis, climate change, and technological progress are factors that will change our lives in the coming years


What’s the RUSH?

You may have noticed if you’ve got this far in the magazine (I’m not even going to joke about the idea of anyone rushing to the back to read this column before anything else) that this month’s issue...

Lluís Cabrera
Founder and head of the Taller de Músics school

“Rosalía kept the teachers on their toes”

Rosalía’s concerts in Barcelona in December topped off a fabulous year for the young singer from Sant Esteve Sesrovires, and they coincided with the year-long celebration of the 40th anniversary of...

The WORLD is coming to an end

A change of decade (not to mention a change of century or millenium) always tends to bring with it a sense of doom, perhaps because looking back inevitably invites looking ahead, and the future is generally...


The two C’s

Regrettably, and not for the first time, I have spent most of my Christmas holidays visiting the hospital. And being a great believer in letting out anything that is playing on your mind rather than letting...


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Santa Llúcia, Barcelona. Neil Stokes
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Christmas in Catalonia

Jingle Bells, fairy lights, big family meals and gifts are all part of Christmas just about everywhere in the western world, but each country has its own festive idiosyncrasies and traditions, and Catalonia...