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Núria Graham

“In Ireland I’m looking for ANSWERS I can’t find here”

The Vic-born singer, guitarist and composer acknowledges her Irish roots in her new album ’Marjorie’

Doubts over season’s end

The presenter of El Punt Avui TV’s The Week in Football, Barney Griffiths, takes a look at how the Spanish football authorities have reacted to the health crisis and the top Catalan clubs’ latest games

Remembering Pau Casals

The first Catalan name I ever (knowingly) heard was that of Pau Casals. I was around eight years old and listening to a Monty Python comedy record.An English mock-commentator’s voice introduced “The...

Way of the BULLY

In 1997, Liberians chose a new president. A multinational peace force had just occupied the country to bring a murderous civil war to an end and hold an election. The main contenders were Charles Taylor,...

random thoughts

A special keyring

Oh to be in England, now that April’s there”. I suppose that when Robert Browning wrote those words in Italy, he was thinking of all the signs of spring: nightingales singing, daffodils dancing, unfurling...


But on the bright side

Let me say I’m aware of the contradiction in writing about taking a break from the issue of coronavirus in a column about the pandemic, and which aims to direct you to an article in the magazine that...

Doubts over BREXIT

Now that the UK’s break with the EU is finally official, many questions still remain about the consequences of the country’s decision to leave the European Union, with the light at the end of the tunnel still some way off

Barcelona Zoo, February 2020
Photo: ACN

Barcelona Zoo’s new resident

Meet Thembi, Barcelona Zoo’s latest addition. Yet, the baby Rothschild’s giraffe was not brought to the zoo, but was born there in February. Visitors were able to witness 10-year-old giraffe Nuru give...

Hope for Barça and Girona as Espanyol toil

The presenter of El Punt Avui TV’s The Week in Football, Barney Griffiths, casts a watchful eye over the progress of Catalonia’s leading football clubs during the month of February

My animals meet a viper

In my last article, I wrote about what it’s like being old and my own experience of it. Well, dear reader, I mentioned that I was helped in this by having a dog and two cats. Without these three animals,...