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Wine route through Terra del Cava

In the morning:

Juvé & Camps (Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, Alt Penedès)

Juvé & Camps is a centenary business strongly rooted in the land of the Penedès: four generations of a family dedicating heart and soul to viticulture, and to the production of Premium Caves. It all started 200 years ago with Joan Juvé Mir, a rigorous and restless winegrower with a vision for the future, who laid the foundations of the business. Later, his son Antoni Juvé Escaiola took over the vineyard, and successfully overcame the terrible consequences of phylloxera. The winery forms an impressive architectural complex surrounded by vineyards, in the Bordeaux château style. The wines are made artisanally, with technical rigour and all oenological requirements, turning the excellence of the grapes and the base wines into cavas of great quality, delicacy and elegant character. The large spaces, perfectly conditioned and equipped, allow the work of the cellar to be carried out optimally. The second fermentation in the bottle takes place in underground galleries, using the traditional champenoise method, aged up to 9 years.

Visitors will be able to have a completely personalised experience and enjoy, depending on the route selected, a beautiful walk through the vineyards, a dive into the centenary wine cellars and, of course, the tasting of their best wines.

Tel: 93 891 10 00

For lunch:
Casa Nova (Sant Martí Surroca)

The Casa Nova restaurant offers a unique gastronomic experience based on sustainability and culinary excellence. Chef Andrés Torres uses ingredients from his own vegetable garden, operates with solar energy, collects rainwater in reused wine barrels for irrigation, and does not use pesticides, opting for insect hotels that control pests naturally. In addition, he promotes the protection of bees, producing rosemary and lavender honey. Casa Nova is not just a restaurant, it is a platform for environmental awareness. Torres interacts with customers, sharing his travel experiences and the origins of his dishes, inspired by expeditions with NGOs and interaction with indigenous communities. Simple products, such as the potato, take centre stage on the menu, valuing the rich culinary tradition of Peru and Bolivia. In this regard, Casa Nova has earned a Green Star from the Michelin Guide, recognising its commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change.

Tel: 937 431 170

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