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Working for ethical fashion

BCOME is an independent design studio that specialises in sustainable fashion and is also an agency for textile suppliers. Based in Barcelona, the small friendly firm is all about ethical fashion and says it has a commitment to helping clean up the image of the fashion industry and to become an agent of change in its role as a gateway between India and Europe.

The studio works with a range of different clients, from the individual craftsman specialising in embroidery to large-scale producers of organic cotton providing large quantities of fabric for the sustainable clothes lines of industry giants like Patagonia, Inditex and C&A.

Only a few months old, B·COME has already established its credentials as a go-between with the local clothes industry and India, and it is currently working with Zara as the fashion chain begins to introduce alternative fabrics into its clothes ranges.

1-Cactuses: Just about the first tenants of the studio, before there were even any chairs! Our weakness for the little details sometimes means that our priorities are less than usual. But we love them and they have become something of a talisman for us!

2- Clothes rack: This simple piece of equipment has the important role of keeping all the various treasures we bring back from our trips to India.

3- Mini flowers: This was a gift and serves to remind us of our values as a company, which has also grown from a small seed of hope and enthusiasm.

4- Cork board: It may only have taken a few minutes to put up, but this simple board has become essential for our daily work. It is our zone for inspiration and the place we come together to reflect on what we are doing.

5- Mirror: A confession. There is something about this mirror that when we try on the samples we receive it somehow makes them look better on us than they would at home.

6- Lamp: You can't have a design studio without plenty of light. We believe that each light source creates its own particular working space in the studio.

7- Hand luggage suitcase: Backwards and forwards, in this business you never stop travelling week in, week out.

8 - White storage drawers: Mentioning no names, one of us is particularly fussy and these drawers have proved the ideal way of keeping the work area clean and tidy.

9- Laptop computer: We couldn't live without it: a constant companion, the essential tool for work, communication and storage; the portable is everything to us.

10- Indian book: This is a prototype from our first ever client, who first trusted in B·COME to develop a clothes collection and change their way of presenting their fabric samples.

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