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Wine route through Alella

In the morning:

Raventós d'Alella / Alella

Close to Barcelona, this area goes back 2,000 years and shows great variety in a space of only 300 hectares. With its granite soil known as sauló, the wines it produces have a fresh acidic quality, with a good level of maturity that has become typically associated with Pansa Blanca wine.

The area of Alella is mountainous with small, ancient plots that have survived due to the fact that industry has little use for it. This means that many families have managed to keep sizeable plots intact for decades.

One of them is Raventós d'Alella, which is not only a unique project but the expression of a new generation that wishes to show the world the real importance of the region and its variety. The winery itself is located between old vineyards and woodland on the coastal side of mountains that divide the DO Alella designation. Production began in 1981, although the winery's philosophy has remained the same: extracting the maximum possible variety from the area to produce Pansa Blanca.

The innovative, avant-garde and international character of the winery has meant that its wines are constantly evolving, while staying true to the area that produces them.

Since the Marqués d'Alella wine began to be produced (today called Raventós d'Alella), the vineyards have had to live alongside urban areas. However, the expansion of the Parc Natural de la Serra de Marina has recently assured the conservation of the winegrowing area.

Guided tours for individuals and groups.

Tel: 93 395 08 11

For lunch

Trochi / Palafolls

The Trochi Restaurant in Palafolls opened in May under the management of Argentinian chef, Victor Trochi, who came with a Michelin star he earned at Les Magnòlies in Arbúcies. Now in his own restaurant, Trochi has been able to make his personal vision a reality, providing a top weekly set meal based on Catalan cuisine at a reasonable price. The set meal is €18.90, a fair price for Michelin-star level food.

The restaurant has two areas, an informal Bistrot, which serves a daily set lunch and tapas by night, while the other area requires reservation and is the place where Trochi lets his imagination run free.

The Trochi Restaurant is open every day except Wednesdays.

Tel: 93765 22 39 /

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