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Castell del Remei / (Lleida)

The origins of Castell del Remei date back to 1780, on record as the year the vines were planted. Initially, wine aged in oak barrels was sold in casks and bottling began the second half of the 20th century. With the help of a winemaker and four French families from Bordeaux, the cellar began to age their wines in American oak barrels and Castell del Remei became the first Catalan winery to market aged wines under its own label and the first to introduce French varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon. Around 400ha of imported vines were replanted following the outbreak of phylloxera. Castell del Remei became the largest vinters of quality wines in Catalonia, and its wines were awarded the Gold Medal at the Universal Exposition in Barcelona in 1929.

The winery, established by the Girona family in 1780 occupies an area of 5500 m2, consisting of six adjacent wrought iron buildings, partially buried to avoid variations in temperature. Half of the warehouse is dedicated to aging in oak barrels and has 1,800 French oak barrels of 225 litre s. The rest is devoted to the bottling, shipping, offices, a shop and a multipurpose room for various cultural events. As a bicentenary winery, it is considered one of the few wineries in our country conceived as an authentic and traditional “château”.

red wines: 780 / Oda / Gotim Bru

white wines: Oda Blanc / Gotim Blanc

Guided tours for individuals and groups.

Tel: 973 580 200 / 973 580 632

For lunch

Castell del Remei

The Castell del Remei complex boasts various areas for its guided tours: the castle, the warehouse, the shop, vineyards, an exhibition centre, an oil press, a distillery, and a restaurant located in a renovated building next to a pond with geese and surrounded by nature.

The daily menu has a good a selection of first and second courses, with good quality an cuisine and a wide range of local products, a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

It is an excellent setting to enjoy traditional Catalan fare and, of course, the house wines. The healthy, natural food is without frills, but promises a selection of dishes prepared for the enjoyment of clients wishing to enjoy their time at the table.

Tel: 973 718 165/

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