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Rut's Barber Shop

There's nothing like tradition!

For Rut and Andreu, the world of hairdressing has always been attractive, and as interesting and special as the smell of new books, coffee or chestnuts.

Their lifelong dream was always to one day have their very own traditional barber's chair, and at long last that dream came true. From that day on, for them, there has simply been no looking back.

For a while it looked as though the traditional barbershop had disappeared, but now there are more and more of them. Perhaps it's thanks to Hipster fashion or the aesthetics of the Lumbersexuals, with their unkempt and neglected look and telling long beards. Yet, the industry has taken a turn for the better and shops began to spring up again, first in the US and then in the UK. Now there are barbers, or barbershops, in almost every Catalan city or large town. For Rut and Andreu it is a lifestyle, a commitment to culture, poise and good manners.

This is the basis on which the profession has developed, always accompanied by good music, and why not, good conversation? And we shouldn't forget, good advice. Surrounded by the scent of Floyd and a good dose or typical English humour!

Now their barbershop boasts four chairs, which they are proud to show off in their premises in Girona's carrer Güell. Everyone gets a warm welcome in this magical place known as Rut's Barber Shop, an American retro style establishment from the 40s and 50s, and managed proudly by hosts, Andreu and Rut.

1- Tissue paper to protect the customers' necks.

2- Container for used razors.

3- Disinfectant to sterilise the equipment.

4- Mirrors for the customers. Checking out front and rear.

5- Precision hair clippers, a must.

6- Beard clippers, indispensable!

7- Dusting-off brush, to remove fine cut hairs from the shoulders.

8- Trimming razor to provide that well-defined cut.

9- Brush, obviously.

10- Spray, to moisten the hair just before cutting.

11- Towel heater, also a must.

12- Different models of scissors for hair and beards.

13- Cutthroat razors, did we say tradition?

14- Shaving brushes and lather bowl, just like the old days.

15- A jar filled with ears of the clients who couldn't keep still!

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