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In the morning:

Vega Aixalà (Vilanova de Prades, Tarragona)

The Vega Aixalà winery started in 2003, the product of the dream of a family in Vilanova de Prades who decided to rebuild and restore an old vineyard belonging to their grandparents. The family, with the help of the winemaker Martin Magriñá, decided to put everything they could into the project and with their love of the land and of the world of wine, began planting vines. The vineyards are located between 800 and 900 metres above sea level, in an area of slate in beautiful countryside between the Prades, Montsant and Llena ranges. Thanks to the altitude and dry continental climate, the wines produced are 100% organic.

For its red wines, the winery works with Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir and for the whites, Grenache Blanca and Chardonnay. The main concern of the winery is the respect and delicate work that goes into every harvest: the grapes are picked by hand and gathered in small boxes, and the extract is produced by gravity flow and fermented in cement tanks in a process designed to use as few technological applications as possible.

Visitors can take a tour of the vineyards in four-wheel-drives, and then enjoy a final taste of the wines in the cellars while getting to know a little of the soul of the winery and the people who are working in this family atmosphere. They can also finish the visit with a typical Catalan breakfast or snack, while continuing to enjoy the wines. Depending on the season, there are a variety of special visits designed for individuals and groups

For lunch

Ca la Montse (Vilanova de Prades, Tarragona)

Right at the entrance to the old town of Vilanova de Prades, the Ca la Montserrat restaurant offers simple yet typical Catalan cuisine of the highest quality and at very reasonable prices. Among the dishes listed are onion soup, homemade cannelloni, aubergine stuffed with squid, meatballs, pigs' trotters, grilled rabbit, and for dessert, homemade cheesecake among others. They also offer a daily set menu. It is a quiet and cosy restaurant with rustic touches in an old town-house converted into a restaurant. Ca la Montserrat offers homemade Catalan cuisine with friendly service and generous portions. Tel: 977 869 018/

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