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Cellers Unió (Reus/ Tarragona)

The heart and soul of Cellers Unió is found in the fields and cellars of its 90 cooperative associates and the 20,000 farming families who for generations have given their all to make Cellers Unió a leader in the production of wine.

A commitment to the land is the driving force of Cellers Unió, as it has been for over 70 years. The best way to demonstrate this commitment is by producing wines that reflect the sustainability of the environment. The coop aims to keep the spirit of those who for generations have dedicated their lives to the vineyards, while promoting sustainable agriculture and continually improving the facilities and equipment to provide everything the cooperative member may need, from technical services, advice and training to computer and legal services, property management and supplies.

Terra Alta is the southernmost Catalan DO and has been closely linked to wine for almost 1,000 years. Writers spoke of the personality of the wines of Terra Alta as far back as 1296 and 1319. That personality is still evident in the people and their way of understanding life.

Grenache is the main grape in Terra Alta and the southwesterly winds comb the high country favouring the ripening of the grapes, and freshening the air in the hot summer while keeping most diseases at bay. The vines grow in terraces on mainly calcareous soils that are organically poor. The climate is Mediterranean with continental influences.

Top value for money with excellent wines: Queen Eleanor -

Clos Pinell, Clos Dalian -Gran Copos, Mas Mets.

Guided tours for individuals and groups

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For lunch

Termes Montbrió (Montbrió del Camp)

The Sequoia restaurant offers a cuisine based on quality local produce. Its menu has a variety of seasonal dishes and dietary menus supervised by the medical staff of the spa. Diners can try dishes from the Ero Delta like fideus rossejats amb allioli or arròs a banda and shellfish and local fish dishes such as suquet, cod with honey or octopus, as well as meat dishes, such as Iberian ham, tenderloin steak with Reus vermouth sauce, or farm-grown chicken stew. In the winter months, the restaurant moves to the Goya restaurant to cater better to its clients. In the summer months, it takes advantage of the facilities of the resort.

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