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Celler Sanmartí (Sallent)

The Sanmarti family winery grows its own grapes and produces its own wine. Joan Sanmartí and his two partners, Juan María Cámara and Jordi Soler, have brought back to life a winemaking tradition first documented in 996 and which ran all the way through the centuries to the 1970s.

They took advantage of the existing thousand-year-old cellar that has now been renovated, preserving the historical elements of interest for winemaking. Cellar Sanmartí is a perfect example of a restoration project for a historic wine estate, with its fortified farmhouse, the castle and cellar. Visitors are invited to see how the estate has been renovated and adapted for the production of wines of great quality and limited production. The grapes are grown on organic farming principles and the winery is proud of the traditional local varieties used in the process just as they were grown for hundreds of years. This way you can still find vineyards planted with grenache, sumoll, macabeo and picapoll.

The soils here are moderately deep and sandy with a limestone and shale base. These are soils with limited water retention capability, and the climatic conditions in the area limits production but produces high-quality wines:

Grenache 1018 SANMARTÍ Sumoll 2014 - Medium intensity maroon colour, with an aroma offering hints of maturity.

Sanmarti 1018 Macabeu Picapoll 2015 - Pale yellow in colour with a rich aroma. Combines the citric notes of picapoll with the white fruit tones of macabeu.

SATEL·LIT 2014 - Intense yellow colour with green hints. Aroma of sweet fruits, such as ripe melon, apple and pear.

Guided tours, for individuals and groups .


For lunch

Restaurant Ospi

The Ospi restaurant in Sallent aims to provide two different options simultaneously in the same space. There is a cafeteria service, which in addition to the usual products and services offers a range of kebabs, the so-called ”mini-cuisine”, as a complement to the daily salad, grill and coffee menu. It is also a restaurant with top-quality gastronomic fare, great for business lunches and family gatherings.

Òscar Piedra is an experienced chef and has won awards both nationally and internationally in various aspects of the culinary arts, the guarantee of quality dining.

Tel: 93 820 64 98

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