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Clos Figueras (Gratallops, Tarragona)

Given that Priorat is so close to Tarraco (now Tarragona), the ancient Roman capital of the Iberian Peninsula, it is not surprising that vineyards have existed here for over 2,000 years. It is believed that many of the remaining terraced vineyards were initially built by the Romans.

Christopher Cannan, founder of Europvin, the wine export company based in Bordeaux, and owner of the Clos Figueras winery since 1997, discovered the potential of Priorat in 1983 when he was given a bottle of 1974 Scala Dei. An initial purchase of 10 hectares of terraces of an abandoned vineyard and a new acquisition in 2000 completed the project, which now boasts 18 hectares.

The vineyard has magnificent views of the Ebre River valley and the mountains of Lower Aragon. Today it produces three red wines and one white, Clos Figueras, from the old vines, Font de la Figuera negre. from vines planted in the 1990s, Serras del Priorat, a fruity wine that keeps all the classic Priorat character though while aimed at a short vintage, and Font de la Figuera Blanc, from viognier vines.

The vineyard has always used ecological methods in cultivation and production. The vines are planted at different altitudes and spread across the Montsant river valley, in cool places strategically chosen to delay ripening. The view over the wide valley of the Ebre and the mountains that protect it from the cold northern winds are impressive.

Guided tours, for groups and individuals.

Tel. 977 262

For lunch

Les Figueres (Gratallops)

Clos Figueras bought the rest of the Gratallops building in 2011, which included the cava cellar and a restaurant. Today it is part of the Clos Figueras complex and offers simple yet top quality cuisine with local and seasonal products. The restaurant has its own vegetable garden. Clos Figueras produces an exceptional extra virgin olive from the 135 Arbequina trees, some over 300 years old.

The restaurant is open daily at noon and in summer on Friday and Saturday nights. There is a commitment to local products, organic and seasonal produce producing good quality food and tapas and an opportunity for wine tasting events as well as catering.

Tel: 977 262 373

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