Rajoy; indications of illegal cash payouts

The Chief Inspector of the Economic and Financial Crimes Unit (UDEFA) of the National Police, Manuel Morocho said on Monday that Mariano Rajoy and top PP regional general secretaries had received “or so it seemed” cash payments from illegal funds in secret PP accounts as part of the Gürtel plot. Morocho said he believes there are indications that the structure within the party “ fitted the profile of a criminal organization.” The commission was proposed by the PSOE, Podem and Ciutadans and aims to investigate the involvement of the PP in Gürtel, a case which is almost ready for sentencing in the courts. The PP claims that commission is a politically motivated witch-hunt and denies all charges. The governing party also says that it does not wish to interfere with a case at present in the courts and has avoided answering charges in the commission before there is a sentence.

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