Food & Wine

April food programme


Spring is here with all its delicious delights

The most welcoming of all the seasons lets us put our winter woes behind us and head outdoors to join the smiling throngs on the lookout for the best of the many culinary events Catalonia has to offer

Peix blau in Blanes

All month Sardines and Blanes have been a partnership for centuries. With fish and Lent so closely tied together, the town holds its 1st culinary fair dedicated to blue fish this month, with restaurants preparing special menus.

Ganxotapes de primavera

From April 20 

Ganxotapes de primavera in Sant Feliu de Guíxols from April 20 to May 20, is an original foodie festival with restaurants and bars offering visitors a choice of tapas along with a cool glass of Moritz beer for just €2.50 

Ruta del bacallà

Until April 8 

 38 restaurants in Barcelona offer their culinary delights with cod as the main attraction. The initiative is organised by the Cod Guild of Catalonia along with Inedit Beer. There are three menus; gourmet (€23-€35), a single dish (€5), and a weekday lunch menu from €12. 

All That Food

April 21-22

On April 21 the All that Food Market in Barcelona is once again offering visitors the opportunity to try local craft food while wandering through the city streets between stalls and cafés, with workshops for adults and kids, and all the best music, art and theatre in an event you won’t want to miss.

Favatada popular

April 14 

Valls celebrates its first broad bean fair on April 14, and lovers of faves a la catalana will be able to dig in for just €2 and get a ceramic plate as a reminder of the visit. Also, between April 9 and 23, the local restaurants join in.

Asparagus fair

April 27-29 

Between late April and early May, the streets of Gava host the annual Asparagus Fair, which also signals the town’s Trade and Craft Show and the agricultural shows. Love asapargus? Then Gava is the place for you.

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