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In the morning:

Can Bas (Subirats)

Can Bas vineyard has been producing wine continuously for over a thousand years. Proof is found in a document from the late 10th century that right next to Sant Joan Salerm church at Can Bas, existing vineyards changed hands between members of the Catalan medieval nobility.

The winery boasts century-old vines that yield a limited harvest but with very high quality grapes; as well as young vines that bring lightness and freshness in the making of the wines; and mature vines planted about 30 years ago, which give a serene character and maturity to other wines as they age. The vineyard cultivates different varieties of native and foreign grapes for both red and white wines. Today, Can Bas has some 60.5 hectares of vineyards in a location prized for its streams, creeks and woods, essential for the proper drainage of the vineyards. The vineyard produces a variety of wines:

L’Era is the name given to the youngers wines. Two whites, a Chardonnay and a Xarel.lo and a Cabernet Sauvignon.

La Creu, referring to the Sauvignon Blanc vines planted in 1994.

La Capella, wines from Syrah vines planted more than 20 years ago and Cabernet Sauvignon that are planted around the medieval chapel of Sant Joan Salerm.

La Romana, these are red grapes that produce a limited production due to the age of the vines. They are grown on the vineyard named after the Roman ruins located close by: Via Augusta.

Monreal: this wine honours the family of farmers who after the phylloxera disaster worked the vineyards at Can Bas for more than a century. It is a heavy Cabernet Sauvignon with character and complexity.

Guided tours for individuals and groups.


Tel: 93 899 41 73

For lunch:

Cal Xim (Sant Pau d’Ordal)

The excellent Cal Xim restaurant is run by two brothers who offer good service, great value, and a genuine and professional welcome. The key to the restaurant’s success lies in its quality product and reasonable prices, offering seasonal Catalan cuisine with most dishes cooked on the hotplate and grill, which include artichokes, calçots, Catalan sausages, lamb and their famous fresh bacon. The wine list is extensive, with a good selection of local vintage wines as well as the local cava.

Tel: 93 899 30 92

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