Gym with workouts for eSports gamers

The stereotype of the overweight, pasty adolescent locked in his bedroom playing video games is increasingly further from reality. Many committed gamers have now gone professional, competing in public video game competitions known as eSports. Many of these gamers now have their own personal trainers and nutritionists, just like more traditional athletes.

The eSports phenomenon is growing, and the finals of eSports competitions attract thousands of spectators, while millions more all over the world watch online. This is the context for a gym in Barcelona with facilities and programmes designed for gamers. Duet Fit in Les Glòries shopping centre provides gamers with consoles and computers to perfect their skills. “Until now we worked only with physical sports. But eSports are here to stay and so we have merged the two,” says Anselmo Méndez, manager of the Duet group.

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