from the editor

Tips for a healthy lifestyle

We are what we eat, goes the old saying, and it looks as if we are more aware of this now than ever before. The internet alone gives us more information about healthy lifestyles and changing trends than we could ever need. This month we focus on healthy food and related issues, such as km0 produce, locally-made craft products, and other ways of eating, such as the so-called flexitarian diet, which is growing in popularity in Catalonia. At the same time we explore eating healthily in interviews with nutritionists and food experts, who tackle such subjects as superfoods and eating clean.

Our second major feature this month deals with an issue that concerns all of us who live in urban areas: megacities, sustainable urban design and the challenges facing a world with a growing urban population. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for family activities with a difference, check out our report on donkeys, now a protected species in Catalonia. Enjoy!

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