US floats idea of Jordan- Palestine confederation

The United States is working on a peace plan for the Middle East that does not coincide with the accepted proposal of the two states (Palestine and Israel) that Washington was so far committed to along with most of the international community. According to France Presse, officials from the US government have proposed to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas the establishment of a confederation between Jordan and Palestine, an option that does not attract the Palestinians.

The French agency says the source is Hagit Ofran, of the Israeli NGO Peace Now, who revealed a conversation held recently in Ramallah with Abbas who said the message was delivered by the US president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and US Special Envoy of the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt.

Abbas is reported to have said that the idea of a confederation with Jordan was interesting, but only if Israel was also part of it, which in reality was to reject the idea as he knows Israel would never accept it. Part of the Israeli right would be open to the idea of a confederation as it would put an end to any possibility of an independent Palestinian state.

Palestine has had no direct contact with the US since Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel instead of Tel Aviv in January.

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