Events remembering the October 1 referendum

On the eve of the first anniversary of the independence referendum of October 1 2017, organisations all over the country are planning activities to commemorate the historical event, leading up to two central events planned for tomorrow at 12 midday in workplaces and schools, followed by a main demonstration at 7pm.

The Plataforma 1 d’octubre has brought all of the events together, which can be consulted on the website: There are activities of all types, including dinners, concerts and marches, with a great many events taking place in schools.

Meanwhile, places such as Terrassa, Sabadell, Girona and Tarragona will today have demonstrations against repression and calling for the jailed political leaders to be released. In Sabadell, there will be a rally with torches that will end with the symbolic burning of a prison, while in Sènia an event will remember October 1 with photos, videos of the day and the screening of a documentary. Tarragona will feature the painting of a large mural, while Girona has announced a march to end at the police station.

In some places, like L’Hospitalet, there will be workshops proposing “strategies for achieving the Republic”, with the intention of “neither forgetting nor forgiving” the use of force by the state against voters during the independence referendum.

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