Torra and Aragonès project image of unity after falling out

The Government continues. Quim Torra and Pere Aragonès went to lengths yesterday to project an image of contrition and stability to prop up the executive following the falling out - they termed “difficulties” - between JuntsxCAT and ERC on Thursday that ended with the postponement of the final sitting of the general policy debate on a day that took the legislature to the edge of the precipice.

The President and Vice President met yesterday morning at the Palau de la Generalitat and came up with a joint declaration to be read by both in which they “swore” to improve the coordination between the government and parliamentary groups, both here and Madrid - and guarantee unity “at least until the day of the sentences” against political prisoners. Torra claimed the government “is strong, united and today we reinforce our commitment to unity.” ERC’s Pere Aragonès said: “the stability of the government is not in any case in question, it is guaranteed, we continue to advance.” Torra emphasised that as a coalition with both parties with different points of view, at times poor coordination can result in problems. The President added that: “ discrepancies, are legitimate in politics, also among the members of a government that has strategic unity and two voices in Parliament.“

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