Picasso and Picabia at Fundació Mapfre

It has become common to see exhibitions comparing the work of Pablo Picasso with that of other artists. The latest is a new exhibition at the Fundació Mapfre titled Picasso-Picabia. Painting in Question, which puts the great Málaga artist’s work alongside that of French avant-garde painter, Francis Picabia. “The exhibition allows us to see how the two artists positioned themselves in avant-garde movements, such as surrealism and dadaism,” says the foundation’s director of culture.

The exhibition has 150 pieces, including paintings, drawings, engravings, photos and documents. It is curated by Aurélie Verdier, of Paris’ Centre Georges Pompidou.

Despite the similarities (and the many differences) in their work, the relationship between Picasso and Picabia was not friendly, despite their paths crossing on a number of occasions. They were artists who “aggressively ignored each other,” says Verdier.

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