Half a million march for a second referendum

More than half a million people marched yesterday in London in what is considered the biggest demonstration against Brexit since the referendum. Yesterday’s march coincided with one of the most complicated weeks for Prime Minister Theresa May, after the European summit in which she promised to extend the transition period.

The march was organized by the People’s Vote platform, created to request a new referendum on the final proposal to leave the EU, an option ruled out repeatedly by May. The march was led by the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and, according to the organizers, 670,000 people participated.

People came from all over the country with many coming from groups that will feel the brunt of leaving the Community, such as students and medical staff. Derick, aged 35, with the gay and lesbian group, expressed his concern: “I am transsexual and most of my rights come from the EU.”

The Labour Party politician Lord Adonis declared that “Brexit has become dog food” and that “the chaos and confusion of this week has shown that even the best agreement that we can achieve will be bad for the country.” In turn, Sadiq Kahn said: “They say another vote would be neither democratic nor patriotic, but the opposite is true.”

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