Theresa May’s days could be numbered

Things continue to go from bad to worse for British Prime Minister Theresa May. According to the Sunday Times, 11 members of her cabinet have already written to her to encourage her resignation. The strategy here would seem to be to trade support for her Brexit deal from the hard Brexit and pro-European segments of her party, for her stepping aside to allow someone else to take up the detailed negotiations to follow after March 29th. Her former advisor, the MP George Freeman said that MPs were feeling betrayed after May’s speech last week, accusing them of being responsible in the delay to agreeing a Brexit deal, and also that the UK population was increasingly losing confidence in the democratic process.

Her potential successor could be David Lidlington, the de-facto Deputy Prime Minister, and former Minister for Europe, who despite being in favour of remaining in the EU, is well-respected by various factions across the Conservative Party.

As ever in the Brexit saga, anything could happen this week. It is unknown if a third vote on May’s deal with take place tomorrow. May has said it wouldn’t be put to a vote if she didn’t think it could win, and last week the Speaker of the House blocked a vote as it hadn’t “materially changed” since the previous vote.

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