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Wine route through Penedès

In the morning:

Vins de Foresta (Avinyonet del Penedès, Barcelona)

The estate’s vineyards are found amid an extensive area of woods and mountains, with the vines planted on terraces bound by old dry stone walls. The area is within the microclimate of the Garraf mountain range, which is heavily influenced by the Mediterranean. Surrounded by woods, the south-facing plots get excellent sunlight as well as a sea breeze that moderates the daytime temperature, providing for the perfect maturing and health of the grapes.

The winery’s philosophy is broad, taking in preservation of the landscape, the architecture, the surroundings, and the local grape varieties. Work in the vineyards is based on traditional cultivation methods with touches of organic and biodynamic farming.

The whole winemaking process is carried out under strictly controlled conditions to avoid oxidation and preserve the aromas of the different varieties used, which include Macabeu, Sumoll, Xarel.lo and Marselan. In some cases, the wine is kept for a time in high-quality barrels in order to boost the organoleptic qualities of the grape varieties. The winery makes whites and reds, as well as a top-quality sweet wine.

Visits for individuals and groups can be booked in advance.

For lunch:
Casa Joan (Vilafranca del Penedès)

Since its founding, the Casa Joan restaurant has been a highlight of the gastronomy found in the Penedès area thanks to its dedication to and respect for traditional cuisine. Yet, the restaurant never stops innovating in its use of seasonal products. From the moment of purchase to when the dish arrives at the table, the treatment of the food involves adding little secrets that makes the menu an interesting compilation of flavours.

Using fresh local ingredients, the restaurant’s aim is to incorporate new touches and make dishes that have their own identity while fitting into the category of traditional cooking.

Casa Joan is part of the history of traditional cuisine in Vilafranca and its surrounding area, thanks to the knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. The dishes also reflect the richness of the county in using a broad range of products strongly associated with gastronomy in Penedès.

Tel: 93 890 31 71

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