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Wine route through D. O. Alella

In the morning:

Celler Roura (Alella)

The Roura winery is known for its high-quality wines. Located in the beautiful landscape of Vall de Rials, in the 1980s Roura was launched out of a conviction for the potential offered by the local area and its climatic conditions. The winery began its commercial activity in 1990, when it brought out the white Blanc del 89, the red Criança del 87 and the cava Brut Nature. Gradually, and at a sensible pace, new products were added until today’s range was completed. Constantly experimenting, the winery expanded its facilities in 2004 by 1,600 m2 in order to make quality wines destined above all for the Ibero-American and Asian markets.

The soil made of eroded granite known as “sauló” provides quick drainage during times of heavy rainfall, and at the same time allows the roots to reach further down. That means the plants can find humidity at greater depths in times of drought.

The climate is marked by short winters and mild summers, which are kept fresh by sea breezes and overnight dew. These climatic conditions, along with the soil’s characteristics, means that the differences between harvests is not great, which also maintain a similar level of quality.

The grape varieties cultivated are: Merlot, Ull de Llebre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Chardonnay, Pansa Blanca and Sauvignon Blanc.

Visits can be booked for individuals and groups.

Tel: 93 352 74 56 / 93 352 43 39

For lunch:
Cal Barquer (Alella)

Somewhere between a French bistro and a Mediterranean tavern, Cal Barquer is a welcoming place, under chef and owner Ricard Sánchez-Fortún. This bar-bodega is small and cosy, with an impressive marble bar inviting diners to try its multitude of dishes.

It offers quality products at a reasonable price, which are made from market-sourced ingredients and which are well presented, with a touch of sophistication. Dishes include steak tartare brioche, salmon with a hint of nori seaweed, prawn rice, ham croquettes, succulent meat, Italian tomato tartare, and a spectacular Soviet Russian salad. The desserts are just as good and are all homemade.

There is also the option of eating outside on the terrace, which gives on to the town square, where there are no cars, just peace and tranquility. Cal Barquer is a surprise for its quality and the presentation of each of its dishes. The service is quick and friendly, from staff who are professional and approachable.

Tel: 93 750 56 79

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