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Wine route through D.O. Pla de Bages

In the morning:

Can Serra Viticultors (Navàs, Bages)

The winery project of Can Serra Viticultors is pioneering in the county of Bages. Set up in 2009, it was the first winery to apply biodynamic concepts to organic farming, working the vineyards in a natural way that followed the astral calendar. This is thanks to its enologist, Joan Soler, one of the most renowned in the country, who combines knowledge acquired over years with his long experience working with the Serra family.

The estate is made up of different, dispersed plots, and of great interest to the Can Serra Viticultors winery is the effort to recover and work with varieties of grape that are native to the local area, such as Sumoll, Mandó, Picapoll Blanca and Picapoll Negra.

The winery produces three red wines:

• Exibis, a young wine that comes almost directly from the vineyard, with grapes fermented in pure and concentrated form, as it is not aged nor stored in wood during its production.

• Rasa undergoes a process of “crianza” that sees it aged in barrels for a year, with another year ageing in bottles. This process brings out the aroma in the wine and balances its concentration.

• Baula is made with only two grape varieties, mandó and sumoll, in equal proportions. It spends a year in the barrel and another year in the bottle, and has no added yeasts.

The winery offers a range of varied and original visits throughout the year. Visits for individuals and groups to be booked in advance.

For lunch:
Tomàs gastronòmic (El Palà de Torroella)

Young chef David Garcia heads the Grup Tomàs hospitality group. It is made up of two restaurants, one serving traditional cuisine and the other serving signature cuisine, as well as a catering company that coordinates with the restaurants for all types of events.

The group has extensive experience spanning more than 40 years in the hospitality sector, always guided by the same objectives: offering maximum quality in all of its products, the best preparation, and exquisite personalised service. The traditional restaurant offers dishes made with all the dedication associated with grandmother’s homemade cooking, such as freshly made broth, succulent slow-cooked sauces, or meat straight off the grill.

Tel: 93 868 25 28

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