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Wine route through D. O. Empordà

In the morning:

ESPELT VITICULTORS (Vilajuïga - Alt Empordà)

Espelt is the last name of this family that has been dedicated to growing grapes and olives for years. Lluís and Quimeta were already renowned wine growers when they decided to set up the winery in 2000. Damià, their son, an agronomist by training, continued to run the winery until the arrival of his daughter, Anna, a biologist and winemaker, who now runs the winery with determination.

L’Empordà is like an amphitheatre on the Mediterranean, sheltered by the Pyrenees, with a land made up of slate, granite and sandstone. Of all the winds that blow the grape clusters of this land, the most powerful is the north wind. It is an impetuous, inclement and tenacious wind, which sometimes lasts a week, and when it arrives can blow up to 120 km/h. However, it is the wind that dries the vines and protects them from disease and fungi.

The Espelt winery focuses mainly on the cultivation of indigenous Mediterranean and Empordà varieties: Lledoner (white, black, red), Carignan, Monastrell, Syrah, Macabeo and Muscat.

They make authentic wines, with character that reflects the place they come from. They are Mediterranean wines that do not lose their freshness and that always make us feel like a second glass. The winery’s range is very wide, from wines with essence, plot wines, Mediterranean wines, surreal wines, wines good for drinking, sparkling wines for celebrations, and sweet wines to end a meal with.

Arranged visits for individuals and groups.

Tel: 972 531 727

For lunch:
Can Cervera (Roses)

In 2013, Carles Roig and Inès Canta opened the doors of this family restaurant, where Carles takes care of the kitchen and Inès the dining room. The cuisine transmits their passion in each of the dishes, which are made with fresh, quality, locally-sourced products.

The restaurant’s philosophy is based on linking Mediterranean cuisine with touches of international tastes, and not just fresh fish but also meat as an alternative for a coastal restaurant. In fact, local meat, from Albera, cooked on stone, is their speciality. They also offer some of the best meats from around the world, including exotic meats. Both their snacks and rice dishes are also highly recommended. As for dessert, their chocolate coulant is fantastic. All foods are prepared respecting their natural flavour and the dishes are well presented on the plate.

Can Cervera is very well located in the town centre. The place is comfortable, attractively decorated, and has a nice terrace for good weather and summer dinners.

Tel: 972 15 12 50

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