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Wine route through D.O. Alella

In the morning:

Celler Testuan (Cabrils)

Testuan is the story of seven friends from Cabrils, of Catalan and French origin, from very different professional fields who shared the same passion and values for the vineyard and wine. They started making wine for their own consumption, and soon after have managed to make a place for themselves in the Catalan wine scene.

Their work philosophy is based on the practice of cultivating the vineyard respecting its environment and the process of organic viticulture; on the fusion of tradition with modern techniques; and on the promotion of local distribution.

The heart of this winery is in Alella, where they make white wines like Testuan 3 and red wines like Xirá. In the vineyard, they work with the local variety of Alella, the pansa blanca, and the area’s sauló terroir.

They have vineyards within municipalities that are part of the D.O. Alella, their wine is qualified and their bottles bear the seal of the regulatory council. They don’t have their own winery yet, and in the meantime they make wine in the oldest and most emblematic winery of the D.O. Alella, which is Alella Vinícola. They are strongly committed to wine tourism, which is why they are part of the DO Alella Wine Route.

Arranged visits for individuals and groups. /

For lunch:
Fonda Marina (Montgat)

Located for more than 100 years in front of the Montgat beach, between the Maresme coast and the Serralada de Marina mountains, the Fonda Marina restaurant has a unique atmosphere. Its many spaces, private lounges and outdoor terraces meet the highest standards when it comes to welcoming guests.

The cuisine offered by the Fonda Marina Restaurant and its team led by Jordi Forés is defined as a traditional Catalan cuisine with a gastronomic twist that allows you to enjoy dishes with a high historical content adapted to the 21st century. The produce, always in season, is of a high quality and from nearby producers. They are known for their rice and fish, market cuisine and homemade desserts made by Patricia Sust.

They offer a large selection of wines including D.O. Alella and many national and international wines. .

Tel: 934 692 506


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