Tarragona seen from every viewpoint

Tarragona is a city that makes you fall in love with it. For this reason, the city’s tourist office has come up with seven places on a route with seven viewpoints from where to contemplate seductive landscapes of this small but great city. The route begins in the Upper Part (old town), at the bell tower of the cathedral, the highest viewpoint in the city, which offers spectacular views of the town centre and the outline of the coast.

Not far from there, the palace of the Roman Praetorium offers views from the lookout towers of the ancient city, Tarraco. The view here is panoramic, perfect for taking special photos. Without leaving the surroundings of the old town, we can still enjoy the Sant Antoni viewpoint, an elevated promenade where we can find one of the entryways through the city wall. From here you can contemplate the east area, the neighbourhood of the Platja del Miracle.

From Rambla Nova it is very easy to get to the Balcó del Mediterrani, following the sea breeze. The people of Tarragona go there to “touch iron” on the railing that protects them from falling down the 23 metre high cliff. Here we get a 180º panoramic view that allows us to see the sun from when it rises from the sea until it sets behind the port. There are also views of the Platja del Miracle beach, the Amphitheatre and the port.

Almost at the end of the itinerary there is the hotel H10 Imperial Tarraco, inaugurated in the summer of 2020, which adds to the route of viewpoints, with its terrace, bar and pool. Located at the foot of Las Palmeras promenade it offers stunning views of the sea, the Upper Part (old town) of the city and the Roman Amphitheatre. The advantage is that the hotel’s terrace is also open to customers who are not guests at the hotel. This is interesting for those staying in other accommodation or those visiting the city for just the day. The route ends in the Serrallo district, where there is the Passeig de l’Escullera, a 4-km long path that ends at the sea, and which includes such iconic places as the Far de la Banya lighthouse, from which there is one of the most stunning views of the city in the evening.

And finally, there is L’Oliva. This out-of-the-way place, usually only known by the locals, offers peace and quiet and amazing views of the mountains, the city’s walls, the cathedral and the sea. You’ll find it going down to the Sant Pau district on the Pont d’Armentera road. A perfect place from where to admire the sunset and the lights of the city reflected on the sea.

Street art

Some buildings in Tarragona offer great examples of urban art. In the Plaça dels Sedassos, the facade of the central building boasts a mural by Carles Arola, done with the deception technique, which uses an optical illusion that makes the painted figures look real. More urban art samples are on the streets of Comte, Mediona and Cavallers, Plaça de l’Oli, Passeig de Sant Antoni, and Espai Jove Kesse, among others.

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