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Wine route through D. O. Conca de Barberà

In the morning:

Castell d’Or (L’Espluga de Francolí, Tarragona))

Castell d’Or is among the first cooperatives founded at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Currently there are some 16 cooperatives, representing more than 2,200 farming families who for generations have worked closely with the land. For more than a hundred years, these families have been producing high-quality wines and cavas, and premium olive oil.

The winery, the first cooperative winery named the Cathedral of Wine, is in the modernist style, dating from 1913, with parabolic brick arches and prominent Gothic lines. It has a shop, hosts the Wine Museum, and offers the possibility of visiting the Poblet Monastery.

The vineyards of the Conca de Barberà have a low yield per hectare due to the harsh conditions to which the plants are subjected. There is less production, but they obtain a great must that is the basis for wines with a unique structure, intensity and expressiveness, and which are also very aromatic.

These are the wines that stand out within the Castell d’Or range of wines: their white wine made with the Macabeu white variety and a little Moscatel; Castell d’Or rosé wine, made with the Trepat variety, and the red wine made with a blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

Arranged visits, for individuals and groups.

Tel: 977 45 98 60

For lunch:
L’Ocell francolí (L’Espluga de Francolí (Tarragona))

Owners Rafael Lorca and Dolors Requena took over in 1997 and turned the town inn into a gastronomic benchmark in the region. It is an ideal stop-off when doing the Cistercian Route, which includes visits to the monasteries of Poblet, Santes Creus and Vallbona de les Monges, or if you visit the Poblet Vimbodí Natural Park and the impressive Prades mountains. The restaurant offers quality, local, traditional Catalan cuisine with some modern elements. The menu highlights include snails, wild boar, pig’s trotters, walnut omelette and a range of grilled meats.

Tel: 977 87 12 16

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