A year to remember

We look back on a 12-month period of events that could change the country for ever.

2014 An exceptional year of Catalonia in politics, but what else is worth remembering from the past 12 months?


A recipe for success?

At long last it seems that awareness is growing about the importance of English. Catalonia Today discovers that language classrooms are full and official exams are on the menu for many.


Democracy under construction

It is full speed ahead for the November 9 referendum. Catalonia Today looks at the inner workings of how it will be put into practise.


The lines are drawn

The Catalan language comes under attack in Valencia, Aragon and the Balearic Islands. Catalonia's long-standing and much lauded policy of linguistic immersion is threatened.


The time is now

The new campaign, Ara és l'hora, launches, aiming to bring our work timetables into line with the rest of Europe. Has the time come for a change?


Summer trends

An overview of the major fashion trends for the summer season reveals a plethora of bright colours, flowery motifs and designs inspired by works of art


Time for a party

After 10 years of Catalonia Today, we feel the need to celebrate. This month we take a look back over the history of the publication and see just how far we have come!


Time for summer break

We offer an extensive collection of trips and outings from north to south. With excursions catering to all tastes, from history and culture to nature and leisure, a country waits to be explored.


Work to still to be done

Back to school and there is still a lot to be done where English is concerned. We take a look at recent developments in the teaching of the language.


The remains of a defeat

Our October issue takes a tour of the country looking at the architectural legacy left by the Bourbon occupants after the national tragedy of 1714.


We spread our wings

Catalonia Today this month focuses on our bold step into the Catalan media. Apart from the magazine, and the English language pages in Presència, CT now goes live daily on El Punt Avuí TV and provides content in English for El Punt Avuí newspaper.

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