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Segura Viudas is one of the most recognised cava brands at home and abroad, a position only reached after many years of effort, innovation and respectful cultivation of the Penedés landscape. The origins of Heretat Segura Viudas go back to the 11th century, during the Reconquest and its manor house, which can be visited, is the result of the different uses it has been put to over nearly a millenium.

Apart from producing cava and wine, the company has a commitment to learning about, cataloguing and promoting the local biodiversity. Thus, for years now, the firm has carried out an ongoing study into the ecosystem that has evolved over centuries around the vineyards and the river Bitlles.

All of this makes Segura Viudas ideal for enotourists looking to complement the discovery of new wines with an understanding of the natural surroundings. Visitors are regaled, not only with information about the wine making process and its results, but also the flora and fauna of the nearby river.

Innovation has been a key motivation for the company in recent years, as well as a care for the vineyards that goes beyond an interest in what they produce. For Heretat Segura Viudas, it is important to be conscious of the surrounding landscape, its characteristics and uses. Visitors are encouraged to walk around the vineyards and discover how, over the centuries, man has managed to establish a mutually-beneficial relationship with the landscape and its inhabitants.

The company offers a wide range of enotourist activities, including thematic talks on wine culture, nature and history, which reveal the values that are transmitted to the cavas and wines they produce. There are also more traditional visits available, which last about an hour and a half, and include a tour of the vineyards, the facilities and an explanation of the winemaking process, ending with a tasting session.

Tel.938 917 070

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Cal Pere del Maset


Sant Pau d'Ordal

This is one of the best restaurants in Penedès, serving quality food and providing a professional service for an affordable price. The premises are spacious and modern, while the ever-changing menu is varied, with seasonal dishes and daily suggestions. The bunyols de bacallà and the crema de calçots de romesco are both highly recommended. As for the wine list, the restaurant has a wide range on offer, mostly from the local area.

Tel.93 899 30 28

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