An Englishwoman in Valencia

Where are you originally from and where do you live now?
I'm English, originally from the Surrey/Sussex area, though I lived in several other countries during a large part of my youth. Following a few years in Sabadell and Barcelona, I've now been living in Valencia for nearly thirty-five years.
What work do you do apart from the ECClub?
Most of the time I translate from Spanish, Catalan, French and Italian into English and copy-edit articles written in English to prepare them for publication in scientific journals, but occasionally I do some Spanish-English interpreting.
How would you describe your groups there?
We only have one group. One member comes absolutely regularly and we have great conversations. Last year we changed to Intermediate but we've gone back to Advanced this year.
What kind of books do your members prefer to read?
Ones with a story, some action, an edge. Ones that make you think. For preference, they should be well written, with a decent plot and rounded, believable characters, and should have a certain degree of literary quality. A bit of humour doesn't come amiss either.
Which books did you like the most last year? Why?
Knots and Crosses and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night. Knots and Crosses is dark and full of action, both physical and psychological. The Curious Incident gives a wonderful insight into the feelings and reactions of an autistic child, his interactions with those around him and how this affects them all.
What's the best thing about being an ECClub group leader?
The best thing about a reading group is discovering books I might never have read otherwise and discussing them (and many other things) with other people. The advantage of being the leader is free books and a contribution towards my time!
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