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When I think of March, a favourite song of mine, one of Donovan's, wells up within, and I feel impelled to sing it!

'Rain has showered far her drip/ Splash, and trickle running,/ Plant has flowered in the sand/ Shell and pebble sunning/ So begins another Spring,/ Green leaves and of berries/ Chiff-chaff eggs are painted by /Mother bird eating cherries'.

March of course is a 'waiting month' ; Winter has hardly finished, and Wordsworth's daffodils may not have begun their 'Fluttering and dancing in the breeze'. It's more than likely that a cold, biting wind is blowing!

How good are we at waiting?

We wait for the lights to change when we are driving, we wait for an interview for a job, we wait for a flat we need, we wait for a phone call.

Waiting at the doctor's or the dentist can be horrendous. Oh, the list of things we wait for can be endless.

Aren't we wasting our time in waiting? We are making our present moments flash by, ignored. We are making the future a grey 'second hand' encounter. Our 'Spring' would come if we, paradoxically, enjoyed every present moment. Every now !

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