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Delphine Labedan

Painter and illustrator

Born in Pau (Aquitaine), Delphine now lives and paints in Empordà, where the northern wind and the light of the area fills her daily life. With a mother who studied Fine Arts and a photographer father, it is not so strange that Delphine should turn out to be an artist from head to toe. Her work shows a marked oriental influence and the subtilty and beauty of her drawings lead us into a world filled with magic and fantasy.

She likes to paint on large surfaces of canvas or wood, and uses different techniques, such as charcoal, pastels, collage, ink, watercolor and painting, with a preference for a mixed-oil technique. Aside from her work as an illustrator, she is presently teaching drawing and painting at the fine arts school in Salt (EMBA).

Delphine invited Catalonia Today into her studio located between Alberes and Gavarres, between the sea and the mountains, in Empordà.

1 - Brushes: Her most common tool of the trade. There are all types: broad, thin, Chinese brushes. They are an extension of her hand.

2 - Books: She reads a lot, searching out images nd inspiration. She likes to turn over the pages of real books rather than read on the Internet.

3 - A wine bottle: She likes wine, but also making designs for labels, like this one on the table, a wine from Empordà. It is the second label she has done.

4 - Computer: a tool she uses to finish the drawings: retouching, adding contrasts, cropping and adding textures if necessary.

5 - Camera: Photographing her work is a part of the creative process. She takes pictures of the images so that she can see things that have slipped past her, errors and defects. It gives another perspective.

6 - Paper: This is very important. She admits she loves the handmade Aquarium paper from Banyoles. It has a fantastic texture and quality, and is made to measure. She works only with this paper.

7 - Trainers: She needs to run every morning before work unless the tramontana wind is too strong or if it is raining. It is a ritual that has become necessary and allows her to concentrate for longer.

8- Watercolour: Her basic technique is watercolour, although she also works with other techniques, such as acrylics, charcoal and oils. As for colours, she has a preference for red, green, turquoise, black, and strong images with colours like purple, pink and yellow. It is a matter of taste.

9- Stories: One of the jobs she likes most is illustrating stories.

10 - Cello: She loves music and learned to play the guitar when she was young. He also plays the lute and the cello.

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