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A mixed bag in November's food fairs

From newly-pressed olive oil to xató salad, via wild rovelló mushrooms to chocolate, king prawns and the best local produce in Olot, this month's festivities have a little of everything

All month. More than oil in Piera

Cuina magazine

November is time for the new annual batch of olive oil around the country. The importance of olive oil for the Mediterranean diet is unquestionable, and in November Piera celebrates the liquid gold with all types of activities to learn more about this essential product.

Piera .

Until November 8. In praise of the rovelló

Cuina magazine

The Fira del Rovelló in Reguers is brought to a conclusion when Tortosa holds its gastronomic conference dedicated to this much-loved and versatile wild mushroom. Included is the chance to taste especially prepared recipes in a range of participating local restaurants.

Tortosa .

November 29. Vilanova xató festival

Cuina magazine

On the last Sunday of November, Vilanova i la Geltrú holds the Festival del Xató i la Festa dels Mercats, a chance to learn more about the products that go into the local speciality salad, xató. The festival also includes the opportunity to try tapas dishes made with market produce. Vilanova i la Geltrú.

November 15. Bread and chocolate

One of the most traditional mid-afternoon snacks is bread with chocolate. In fact, Sant Gregori devotes a whole fair to the snack, which this year celebrates its ninth edition. The fair includes tasting sessions and workshops for children, as well as a range of family activities.

Sant Gregori .

All month. Hail the King (prawn)

Cuina magazine

Sant Carles de la Ràpita devotes November to a celebration of one of the Delta's most prized seafood products: king prawns. Beginning with the Diada del Llagostí, the festivities continue for a fortnight, providing a chance to visit and try the tasty local crustaceans.

Sant Carles de la Ràpita .

Nov 21 & 22. Orígens fair in Olot

Cuina magazine

Since 2012, Olot has held a fair to celebrate one of the area's main local agricultural products. Visitors to the fair are treated to live cookery demonstrations as well as tasting sessions offered by local producers. Moreover, there is a special area for children at 10 am.

Olot .

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