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Noni Barea

Fashion designer

She has always loved needles, fabric and scissors, and after years working in a company making swimsuits she decided to set up her own brand: NOBALE, producing comfortable, quality clothing she designs herself for mothers and children in her workshop in Olot.

1. Notebook and pen: to write down or sketch ideas that come to mind.

2. A photo of her son as a baby: inspiration at any time of the day.

3. Fabrics with polka dots: I have always used fabrics printed with moons, circles and I love colours. I adore polka dots!

4. A ceramic mug: from a studio right next door, in a former factory, made by potter Ivet Bazaco, totally km0.

5. An apple: I start the working day at 6am so by mid-morning I need a pick-me-up, fruit, usually an apple, and the redder the better!

6. Books for inspiration: beyond the digital world books are still one of the best sources of inspiration for any designer, especially books with collections of prints, patterns and Japanese designs.

7. Tailor's chalk: the first step in marking the pattern on the fabric is so important for what it will eventually become, a unique piece.

8. Chalk sharpener: this one is also special because it is a historical piece that I have had with me since I began designing at home. Indispensable in everyday work.

9. Washi Tape: these are adhesive coloured tapes with fantastic illustrations. I give the customer their purchase in a paper bag and closed with Washi Tape; it is a touch of colour that characterises Nobale and my work.

10. Rulers and tapes: essential to the work of any designer

11. Craft Paper: used to make patterns, the material is drawn and cut to make the same pieces and also to size.

12. Weights: to hold down the patterns as I mark out the lines with the chalk.

13. Pin cushions: the years roll by and they are always indispensable.

14.Scissors: to first cut the paper pattern and then the fabric, as you begin to give life to the clothes that will be the final product.

15. Sewing threads: my lifelines; I have hundreds of colours.

16. Flowers: they always bring happiness; I love having them in the workshop

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