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February food programme. CUINA magazine

Warm winter favourites all month long

Carnival-time provides the opportunity to visit a variety of food festivals around the country before the arrival of Lent, with stews and embotit as well as shrimps, sweets and honey

February 7 Caldera festival

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Caldera is an escudella-like stew traditional to Montmaneu. Every year in the run-up to Lent, the locals share a meal of caldera that has been previously blessed by a priest. Also, it is tradition to play skittles while the stew packed with botifarra, cansalada and rice is being cooked.


February 9 Sort Girella contest

On the Tuesday of Carnival, the capital of Pallars Sobirà holds a contest that is a must for fans of traditional Pyrenean embotit (cured, dry sausage). Local businesses compete to make the best haggis-like embotit known as girella for Sort's carnival festival.

Sort (Pallars Sobirà).

February 14 Best Batet buckwheat

Garrotxa fajol (buckwheat) is highly-prized in Catalan cuisine and every year Batet de la Serra, near Olot, holds a fair devoted to the grain-like seed. This year is the 11th edition and as always visitors will get the chance to try dishes made with fajol in local restaurants.

Batet de la Serra .

From February 12 Jornades de la Galera

During February and until March 6, Alcanar pays tribute to the galera (squilla mantis shrimp). Different local restaurants take part in the shrimp fair, offering tasting menus that allow visitors to try a variety of the best galera dishes that the town has to offer.

Alcanar (Montsià).

February 13 & 14 Arenys sweet fair

Let the child inside you run loose with a visit to the Fira Dolça in Arenys de Mar. Over the weekend of February 13, visitors to the fair will find a bewildering assortment of sweets and sugary delights to be tried and enjoyed. Moreover, kids have a chance to make their own sweets.

Arenys de Mar .

February 27 & 28 Crespià honey fair

In the Middle Ages, Crespià was one of the country's main producers of honey. As a result, every year the town holds a fair dedicated to the liquid gold. This year, the fair takes place over the weekend of February 27, so if you like honey, Crespià will be the place for you.

Crespià .

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