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Mas Berenguer
Sant Julià de Llòria (Andorra)

The Mas Berenguer winery is a small family firm that continues the decades old agricultural traditions of “Mas Berenguer”, which has been associated with Puí d'Olivesa for generations. Mas Berenguer is located in a manor house in Puí d'Olivesa in Sant Julià de Lòria, in Andorra, which has been home to the family since 902 CE. As the surname “Berenguer” was around for seven continuous generations up to 1714, this was the name chosen when the winery was opened.

The surrounding landscape is majestic, with imposing mountain peaks and crystal-clear water that help give the vineyards their special character. The winery's facilities are modest in size, but also entirely modern and functional.

The Celler Mas Berenguer is Andorra's youngest winery, set up in 2011. It is also the most recent to join the area's wine tourism circuit. Though its history is short, it is a fully-modern winery run with great enthusiasm, working with young vineyards that produce varieties such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, which are used to make its wines, “Tancat Rocafort”, Blanc de Blancs, Brut Nature Rose and “Cortó Carlomagno”.

Guided visits, individuals and groups.

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For lunch

Can Manel
Andorra La Vella

The Restaurant Can Manel first opened its doors in 1979, under the management of Manel and Pepita. Originally from the Lleida region, the couple have managed to combine the traditional cuisine of Urgell, with its famous snail dishes, for example, with the best local produce, such as the fine game to be found in the local area. The restaurant's traditional cuisine and welcoming, family atmosphere have turned the place into a firm favourite with all sorts of different diners.

Today, the restaurant is run by Pepita who, as the mistress of the house, welcomes diners as if into her own home. The kitchen is under the charge of Carles Flinch, the eldest son of the founders, who provides a touch of innovation to a wide range of dishes, such as pig's trotters stuffed with wild mushrooms and king prawns or homemade foie gras paté.

The restaurant's extensive wine list has been developed over the 30 years of the restaurant's history and includes wines that date back as far as 1960 as well as including the very best young wines.

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