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Allison Malinsky


Allison Malinsky only moved from New York to Barcelona two and a half years ago, but her paintings have already become brighter thanks to the light streaming in through the windows of her studio on carrer Enric Granados. A “ragazza solare”, as someone close describes her, light and colour are essential elements in her conceptual paintings and three dimensional works. While she is looking foward to opening her first solo exhibition at the Galeria Victor Saavedra in May, Allison showed us around and talked to us about all the aspects that go into her art work.

1. This bright orange Vinçón pot was the first gift my husband brought home for me to put my paintbrushes in, they were the only indispensable artistic tools I brought from NY.

2. I paint with Old Holland oils—high pigment content with a high cost to match.

3. My ‘color recipe book' contains all my notes on colour and mixtures I've made for each painting. I like it as an object and record.

4. I work long days alone and while silence can be a precious environment to make work in, it can also drive a person mad over time. I always start my day with WNYC (New York's National Public Radio station) and as the day goes on I listen to stories, conversations and information mostly in the form of streamable podcasts. I also listen to music.

5. OK, technically I don't work alone, Goya, our dog, is the best studio mate one could ask for.

6. Inspiring art books and literature, 25 boxes are still in storage a.k.a. my parent's house. I carried the gems here in extra luggage. I just finished (Isamu) Noguchi: East and West by Dore Ashton and am now reading ceramicist Ron Nagle's monograph.

7. Belgian linen is the best painting support I've yet to find, especially for my three-dimensional paintings, among other qualities it has the most beautiful weave that remains visible under the paint.

8. For three-dimensional paintings I make maquettes.

9. During my two-and-a-half years in Barcelona, I have filled nine sketchbooks with sketches, collages, continuous ideas, to do lists, inspiration, etc.

10. Calendar to mark the days until my solo exhibition installation. Painting is time consuming and oil paint can take weeks to dry, being organized, and planning ahead and working backwards is crucial. The exhibition opens on the evening of May 5 at Galería Victor Saavedra, C/ Enric Granados, 97, Barcelona—see you there!

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