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Casa Beal:
Sant Julia de Loria (Andorra)

Casa Beal is the name of a winery belonging to the Visa-Tor family who have brought wine production back to Andorra after more than a century. This winery started up in 1988, but it was not until 2006 that its first wine was released on the market, Cim de Cel. The vineyards are at an altitude of between 1,050 and 1,100 metres, which makes them unique, because there are few vineyards planted in Europe over the 1000m mark. This is biodynamic viticulture, which involves applying different techniques in the vineyard according to lunar phases to achieve a balanced maturity for the fruit.

Among the grape varieties grown by the firm is Gewürztraminer, which is ideally suited to the local conditions of light soil on slate and bedrock. As with all their wines, the final product is a top quality white with environmental guarantees.

To make their wine, only the best grapes are fed along the conveyor to the press, and the vineyard's own laboratory's ensures tough quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Cim de Cel has received praise internationally. The lack of humidity during maturity concentrates and preserves the aromatic potential of the grapes, and achieves a balance between sugar and acidity. The result is a wine of the highest quality. There is a hint of exotic fruit, such as lychee, and a floral aroma reminiscent of rose petals. Individuals and group visits can be booked in advance.

Tel: 00376 841 799/00376 735 735/00376 687 605

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For lunch
La Cúpula, Hotel Plaza: Andorra La Vella

Both of the Plaza's hotels, the Plaza and La Cúpula, offer the same wholesome fare with a daily recommendation and a set menu.

Hotel Plaza offers a wide variety of dishes and the hotel itself is renowned for organising events. With its select and cosy atmosphere, La Cupola is the perfect place to enjoy delicious food in good company. Its stylish design and exclusive setting make it the right place for meetings, private lunches and conferences.The four event rooms boast natural light, open spaces and modern equipment, while their English style and design are ideal for all kinds of celebrations.

At La Cúpola the 25m² Saló Barcelona can hold 30 people, while the 70m² Saló Meritxell holds 80. At the Hotel Plaza, the Saló Paris is a 35m² room for up to 15 people, a perfect place for exclusive events. Meanwhile, the Saló Geneva's 35m² can accomodate up to 25 people.

Tel: 00376 879 444 Website:

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