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Toshie Nagashima

Macrobiotic cooking instructor

Toshie has lived in Vall del Ges, in Osona, for seven years. She leads an almost self-sustaining lifestyle: growing her own vegetables and crops in her garden, and afterwards using them to prepare her own food. In fact, she gives classes in macrobiotic cooking, which is her great love.

Toshie does nearly everything herself. Apart from teaching her classes at home, she also gives classes around Catalonia. If you like cooking, especially vegetarian cooking, then look no further! Toshie's husband is a bio-builder and rebuilt their house 30 years ago, using only natural materials. They have solar energy, well-water and a firewood stove. Toshie enjoys being at home, when she is not out walking in the woods. She also prefers to work in her garden in bare feet, as she says that way she can feel the earth beneath her. She likes meditation and being together with her family.

1. Firewood stove: Ideal for slow, overnight cooking, which also produces delicious results. At the same time it warms up the whole house as well as providing us with hot water.

2. The garden basket: This is to bring in the vegetables I've grown in the garden. It's also handy for carrying my lunch. I always have it nearby.

3. My tool basket: This is an essential object for me; I just couldn't be without it.

4. Knife and chopping board: I use these to prepare my vegetables for the pot.

5. Umeboshi: Japanese salted or pickled plums.

6. Suribachi (Mortar): I use this for grinding the sesame seeds when I am making a vegetable hamburger, for example.

7. Obentobako: This is a breathable wooden food box which helps prevent the food from rotting. It is also a keepsake from my father.

8. Tawashi Brush: I use this to wash the vegetables so that I can eat them with the skin on, the best and most nutritious way to eat vegetables.

9. Iron frying pan: This is ideal for making stir-fried vegetables and Spanish omelette.

10. Ceramic pot: This is the perfect container for cooking rice and porridge.

11. Homemade Miso: This traditional fermented food is very popular in Japan. Along with Umeboshi pickled plums, its my energy food.

12. Azuki beans from my garden: This is the best food for healing my body.

13. Mill: I use this to make my own flour.

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