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In the morning :

Celler Vall Llach:

Cellar Vall Llach was founded in the early 1990s by singer Lluís Llach and notary Enric Costa in Porrera, one of the villages in the south of Catalonia that form the (D.O.Q.) Priorat.

Vall Llach vi de finca Qualificada Mas de la Rosa, Porrera vi de vila de Vall LLach, Idus de Vall Llach, Embruix de Vall Llach and Aigua de Llum de Vall LLach are the names of its wines, and the winery introduced its first vintage to the market at the end of the year 2000. Since its inception, the winery's processes and their application have been governed by rigid adherence to two guiding principles: rigour and quality.

Cellar Vall Llach is fortunate to have a number of magnificent old estates – the so-called trossos – whose 60- to 90-year old Cariñena and Garnacha vines assure an exclusive must for its wines. The produce of these stocks is complemented by the careful purchase of grapes from farms selected for their quality from among the oldest and most reputable in the area. The wines are small-scale products, to ensure the optimum quality, growth and to maintain strict control over each process, combining tradition with the latest technology. Visitors can check the vineyard's website for information.

Telephone: 977 828 244


Web: www.

For lunch

Restaurant: La Cooperativa, Porrera (Tarragona)

At La Cooperativa, the team of Litus in the dining room and Mia in the kitchen creates a completely harmonious duo. They believe in slow-cooked traditional food and especially in the quality of the products as the foundation of a good meal. Whenever possible, they use vegetables from their own garden, and exclusively D.O. Siurana oil. Their beef and Iberic pork is always top quality. The lamb is raised locally and the poultry is certified as an organic livestock product.

The couple have remained faithful to the principles that led to opening the restaurant, and their desserts are prepared in their own kitchen. As for the wine, they feel it is important that the local Priorat wines are offered at the same price that diners will find in the winery with only a two euro service charge which goes for the complete wine list.

Litus is a connoisseur of wines from Priorat, and knows and sells them all, and Mia certainly knows the dishes needed to enjoy them to the fullest. La Cooperativa is a restaurant where diners feels at ease and at home, boasting a friendly, close atmosphere and excellent local cuisine.

TEL: 977 828 378

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