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Segura Viudas / Castellví de la Marca

The beginnings were around the eleventh century during the Reconquista, with the most accepted hypothesis linking the land to the monastery of Sant Cugat. There are documents from the period that record the land being passed to Gerald Alemany by the abbot to build a defence tower, Torre Galimany, that ensured the area being held in the case of siege. When hostilities ended in the area in the 12th century, agriculture became the mainstay of the region.

The Segura Viudas massia, or farmhouse, as we know it today, is the result of the different uses that it has had for over ten centuries.

The winery makes champagne and wine together with a strong sense of commitment to find, catalogue and promote the Heretat's biological diversity. To this end, the winery for many years has carried out an in-depth study of the biodiversity of an ecosystem that has developed grape growing for centuries around the Bitlles river: the birds, flowers and their medicinal use, wild vegetation and fish.

An innovative spirit is the driving force and the challenge that leads Heritat towards a culture where the wine grapes are ctreated far beyond a simple productive concept, at all times carefully integrating the final product with the traditional culture, landscape, flora and fauna.

There guided tours of the cellar with an explanation of wine making and cava process and, weather permitting a tour around the vineyards, where visitors can learn about the cycle of the vines themselves. Finally,it is back to the original 12th century house for a wine tasting session accompanied by a cava aperitif.

Tel: 938 917 070


For lunch

Restaurant: Sol i vi, Lavern

The Sol i vi restaurant and hotel are located in a farmhouse surrounded by vineyards in the Catalan region of Alt Penedès, at Subirats, 4 km from the cava capital Sant Sadurní Anoia, and 6 km from Villafranca del Penedès, the wine capital. In the à la carte restaurant you can try a variety of home cooked dishes typical of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine. As for the wines, there is a wide selection of local wines on a list of more than 600 labels. There is also the possibility of organising banquets and celebrations of all kinds, depending on the needs of the customers. The setting of the restaurant is quiet and relaxed, surrounded by nature. A hotel on the same property, offers 25 comfortable and spacious rooms, a swimming pool and exclusive services and personalized tours.

Tel: 938 993 204

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