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A mouth-watering summer feast

At last summer is here and there is far more to the hotter months than just sea and sand. Wherever you are, close by there is a tasty treat waiting for you at Catalonia's food festivals

July 2. Tast Jazz

La Vella Dixieland + Miriam Barahona, the wines from Vinya Vilars in Arbeca, and Mas Blanc i Jové,from la Pobla de Cérvoles, are the protagonists at Tast Jazz, a festival that combines the best local produce and music. At the Fortalesa dels Vilars (from 10.30pm). Arbeca (Pla d'Urgell).

July 16. Roman cuisine

For another year, Guissona celebrates its distant past with the 20th Mercat romà, a festival celebrating the history and food of the Roman era. Visitors will have the opportunity to buy local produce and taste dishes inspired by the times of the Caesars. Guissona (Segarra).

Until July 25. Gamba de Palamós

14 restaurants belonging to the Associació El Plat Blau, from Calonge-Sant Antoni, Palamós and Vall-llobrega, host a fair dedicated to the most famous shell fish on the Costa Brava, the gamba de Palamós. Other star dishes include the olla de peix and escamarlà. Menú de la Gamba de Palamós.

From July 22. Maresme tomato fair

From mid-July, various municipalities in Maresme offer the opportunity of rediscovering one of the best vegetables grown in the area. During the festival, various restaurants in the coastal area offer menus made with the local varieties of tomato.

July 30 . The day of the mussel

Every year, Alcanar pays homage to one of its most precious produce, mussels. Cooked either in paella, arrebossats or steamed, mussels are always a delicacy. For the local festival, Diada del Musclo, is celebrated this year on the last Saturday of July, with humble mussel as the protagonist.

July 23. Organic fair in Verges

Every third and fourth Saturday every month, the village of Verges (Baix Empordà) hosts the local organic fair Món Empordà. Visitors can find a wide range of natural products grown in the area, as well as attend activities related to a healthy lifestyle.

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