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fashion designer
Sant Jordi Desvalls (Gironès)

Erika Manolache

Conscious that she is lucky to work doing what she loves most, Erika Manolache designs and makes unique and often personalised clothing with a classic but cheeky style.Erika started sewing when she was...

Theatrical wig maker
Barcelona (Gràcia)

Àngels Palomar

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about theatre is very often the actor’s interpretation, other indispensable elements such as the costumes, the characterisation or the props more than...

el pasteral
(La Selva)

Àngel Soler

With the strong conviction that everything around us can be turned into art, Àngel Soler gathers several types of wood, mainly boxwood but also walnut, chestnut, poplar and elder wood, and sculpts artistic...

Helena Prat

Hellenica Ceramics

Ahmad Basal

The Palmira pastry shop

Jordi Roca and Alejandra Rivas

Gelateria Rocambolesc

Maribel Bover

Maribel Bover school of dance

Vador Manera

Fisherman and educator

Anna Espelt

Celler Espelt

Eduard Crespo

Fleca Balmes