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State of the Nation debate a failure

The President came off better than the Leader of the Opposition but 42% believe that the debate had no winner


Evdokim Perevalsky

Born in Ukraine, artist Evdokim Perevalsky moved to Catalonia in 1997 and currently combines his activity as an artist with teaching painting and drawing at the Escola Municipal d’Art in Celrà. He has...

Coffee Shop

Espresso Mafia

Christian and Amber are a Canadian couple who moved to Girona 10 years ago. Christian was a professional cyclist, and while travelling around the world, he discovered his love for coffee. Soon after they...

canine grooming academy
Girona (Gironès)

Emilia Díaz

Although there were hairdressers bathing dogs in the River Seine in Paris back in the 19th century during la Belle Époque, it wasn’t until 1938 that the first salon was opened for canine hygiene and...

craft papermakers
Banyoles (Gironès)

Sastres Paperers

Sastres Paperers may have only opened recently, but the company has more than 30 years of experience in papermaking. The workshop is located inside El Molí de la Farga, a building with a history that...

A quite original bookshop

Llibreria Geli

The Llibreria Geli is located in the old quarter of Girona and is one of the oldest bookshops in Catalonia. The bookshop itself resembles a narrow passage that goes from Argenteria street to Cort Reial....

fashion designer
Sant Jordi Desvalls (Gironès)

Erika Manolache

Conscious that she is lucky to work doing what she loves most, Erika Manolache designs and makes unique and often personalised clothing with a classic but cheeky style.Erika started sewing when she was...

Theatrical wig maker
Barcelona (Gràcia)

Àngels Palomar

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about theatre is very often the actor’s interpretation, other indispensable elements such as the costumes, the characterisation or the props more than...

el pasteral
(La Selva)

Àngel Soler

With the strong conviction that everything around us can be turned into art, Àngel Soler gathers several types of wood, mainly boxwood but also walnut, chestnut, poplar and elder wood, and sculpts artistic...

Helena Prat

Hellenica Ceramics